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My Favourite BBQ Sauce March 30, 2009

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Welcome to Busters Barbeque Restaurant

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With the warm weather coming and summer fast approaching, there’s no better time to discover a new BBQ sauce favourite.  This stuff tastes like no BBQ sauce I’ve had before.  It’s called Busters Blueberry BBQ Sauce, and it’s made in Northwestern Ontario.  It is to die for on grilled chicken, and I recently tried it on pork side ribs and was amazed.  The blueberry flavour is not prominent, but it is fruity and smoky with a little spice.  Word on the street is it’s now available at Sobey’s across Canada, so you won’t have to make the trek to Vermillion Bay to get some.  If you are lucky enough to be in the area, you can also enjoy it in-house at Busters BBQ Restaurant.  As an added bonus, it’s more reasonably priced than most of the “gourmet” sauces I see at craft and home shows.  It’s a must-have for BBQ season.  Mangia!


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